Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Like a postcard for my memory

Spring Break 2011 has been so fun, spontaneous, and dare-is-say adventurous even. I'm enjoying SB11 so much more than I thought I would considering that I was just going home to Phoenix. But everyday has been on the go and quite hectic! Like yesterday, I went started my day in Gilbert, then to Chandler, then back to Gilbert, then to Tempe, then to Scottsdale, then to N. Phoenix, then back down to Tempe, and home to Gilbert! So much traveling, for those of you that know the Phoenix area, you can start calling me the Loop Jo du Jour! 

This look was put together to start the summer season! I feel like I barely got to deliver what I'm doing for the Spring since here in the desert it already feels very steamy. It's like we skip an entire season and go from COLD to one week of nice weather then to HOT! Oh well though, at least give the desert credit for it's beauty that's extremely looked over by its residence. 

<3 [Loop] Jo Du Jour

Shirt by Etro
Pants from Zara
Socks from Urban
Shoes are vintage
and of course, Karen Walker Sunnies


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