Monday, July 25, 2011

Back to Black

The summer's ending very soon. People are counting down the days to when they are going to be back in Tucson already. I can't believe how fast it all went. It definitely had it's ups and downs. This past week has been a pretty slow posting week for me because it's been so full of stress. I've unfortunately been having issues left and right and have had to make some really hard choices, but hopefully with this season coming to an end, my stress level will too. 

I took this look back when I was in Philly. I woke up that day at such a speedy rate that my mind just defaulted to wearing a nearly all black ensemble. Nothing wrong with that... Except for maybe that it was freaking hot! But it's nothing that a Starbuck's BTL can cure. After looking like a candy store this past season, I think my wardrobes ready to settle down a bit into the crisp and dreary colors of fall and winter. But first we have back to school. Argyle anyone? 

Anyway, I hope everyone's doing well! More outfits here in the future. 

Ps. what do you think of my extra-touristy pic with Oldenberg's giant Clothespin? Personally, it's one of my favorite works of pop art. So interesting and obvious. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sonoran Surprise

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So this is how I got to New York. 

Ever flown stand-by? Well, basically it's a ticket for an airplane where if there is room on the aircraft, you get on. My original plan was to take the red eye flight from Phoenix to Philadelphia but come nightfall (after a long day in class and at work and driving from Tucson to Phoenix), I check the flight one last time and there is only one seat left! So what's the next best option? Well seeing that I currently had some friends in New York, I decided to switch up the listing and just go to New York City. I had nothing to lose, but I was able to gain a morning and afternoon in the city! What a change from the desert to the tall concrete jungle that is New York. 

Sadly though, after a posh morning walking around SoHo and the lower part of Manhattan I had to board a bus and eventually got to Philadelphia where I am now. Although it's no New York, I'm still having a great time here with my fraternity and getting to meet a bunch of my brothers from all over the country. Plus, Philadelphia has some pretty chic flavors to it. 

I'll be back in the city on Sunday night, Monday, and then flying back Tuesday. I'm glad that I'm beginning to figure out the system there though. Just got to hop on the J-train and head to JFK airport and be good to go. I'm already feeling like a local! 

<3 Jo du Jour

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sucked out of the desert to the streets of New York City

So these past 24 hours have really taken a huge turn. Guess where I am? NEW YORK CITY BABY! :D Currently, I'm uploading this from a Starbucks somewhere in Chinatown and just sitting here, waiting to build up the courage to go get a cab haha. 

More in-depth story of how this all happened later. Stay put! Sorry for such a blurry picture of some muggy street in New York. Will get more soon! :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fashion Homework

Late last night when my roommate and I began talking about fashion and I came to the realization that fall 2011 lines are really close or if not already on the market. We have back to school in only a matter of weeks and then it's pretty much full blown Fall/ Winter time (in the fashion world, not in Arizona). Regardless, I've been so obsessed with what went down the runways this Spring and Summer, I haven't really put much thought into what I'm going to do this fall. I mean, where is my game plan? What is the one item from these lines that I am going to get? What is the one item from these lines that I will dream about, drool over, but most likely will never get? So many tough fashion questions... I have my homework ahead of me. 

But for now, here's the behind the scenes of Prada's Menswear campaign featuring Toby Maguire. Came across it on when I decided that now (1:03 a.m. in the morning) would be a good time to take on all these questions. Maybe I'll just let some Paris couture shows lullaby me too sleep. I hope that everyone has an amazing Wednesday. I have an extremely long day ahead of me. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Look at the Stars

My summer's literally just about over. How sad :( Yesterday was my first day of my summer class and honestly, I know I'm not a science guy, but I would have never thought that Astronomy would have been such a tough subject. Our galaxy is freaking complicated. Not to mention that the class itself is about 4 hours and 30 minutes long, 4 days a week! It has a 5 week duration in which each class is about a weeks worth of work, but I already plan on missing 3 days this weekend. Basically all these numbers sum up to me dying, so wish me luck!

I picked this rockin' ensemble as something kind of different for me. I've never worn so many buttons/ two collard shirts. I think it worked really nicely though. It just gave the whole look some depth and a different spin. Plus, I think I gave off a good first impression, except for maybe when I told the class that the sun rises over the Pacific in Panama City... I swear that it does! It's the way it's positioned! Look at a map...

This weekend however will be great! It's finally time to venture off to Philadelphia with my fraternity! So excited to go to, in my opinion, a very underrated city. I had fun the last time I was there, so hopefully it's not all business because I'd really like to play. But, if not, I'm driving up to New York City for a short second to enjoy myself, and I'm so thrilled! Even if it is a short 2 nights and a day there. It's so hard to pick what I want to do. There is so much. I feel like Carrie Bradshaw who would always have this problem. Oh New York ;)

Henley from Urban Outfitters
White button-up from Old Navy
Black button-up from Diesel 
Jeans from Levi's
Shoes Alfani Italian leather 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Proenza Schouler D.I.Y. Bracelet

I finally did this project. After seeing so many D.I.Y. tutorials on this awesome idea for a bracelet, today I decided to go to home depot and just buy everything that I needed. This was actually very easy once I got the hang of it. Took me about two times to get it just right. So I cranked up the Animal Collective radio station on my Pandora, sat down and followed this video's instructions: []. I just love how much that the contrasting colors make this simple bracelet stick out. Plus, now I have a pretty sweet replica of the very expensive and very much in demand Proenza Schouler bracelets. I feel pretty accomplished :D

I have one more D.I.Y. bracelet idea that I stumbled upon, but boy has that one been really hard. Hopefully I'll get the hang of braiding twine soon! Wish me luck.

Happy 4th of July everyone!

<3 Jo du Jour

Friday, July 1, 2011

Keith HarIndependence

I am completely obsessing over these prints right now. Keith Haring's playful and optimistic cartoons are exactly what always needed to be on a swimsuit in my opinion. I just ran into these online after a friend of mine recommended Joyrich to me over facebook. These picture's are coming from the store's blog on their website. 

Isn't everything about these images so appropriate for the July 4th weekend? 

I really want that backpack too. Even if it is just a Keith Haring print, it's one step closer to owning a real Haring. My modern art collection does need to start somewhere after all.