Friday, July 15, 2011

Sonoran Surprise

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So this is how I got to New York. 

Ever flown stand-by? Well, basically it's a ticket for an airplane where if there is room on the aircraft, you get on. My original plan was to take the red eye flight from Phoenix to Philadelphia but come nightfall (after a long day in class and at work and driving from Tucson to Phoenix), I check the flight one last time and there is only one seat left! So what's the next best option? Well seeing that I currently had some friends in New York, I decided to switch up the listing and just go to New York City. I had nothing to lose, but I was able to gain a morning and afternoon in the city! What a change from the desert to the tall concrete jungle that is New York. 

Sadly though, after a posh morning walking around SoHo and the lower part of Manhattan I had to board a bus and eventually got to Philadelphia where I am now. Although it's no New York, I'm still having a great time here with my fraternity and getting to meet a bunch of my brothers from all over the country. Plus, Philadelphia has some pretty chic flavors to it. 

I'll be back in the city on Sunday night, Monday, and then flying back Tuesday. I'm glad that I'm beginning to figure out the system there though. Just got to hop on the J-train and head to JFK airport and be good to go. I'm already feeling like a local! 

<3 Jo du Jour

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