Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Look at the Stars

My summer's literally just about over. How sad :( Yesterday was my first day of my summer class and honestly, I know I'm not a science guy, but I would have never thought that Astronomy would have been such a tough subject. Our galaxy is freaking complicated. Not to mention that the class itself is about 4 hours and 30 minutes long, 4 days a week! It has a 5 week duration in which each class is about a weeks worth of work, but I already plan on missing 3 days this weekend. Basically all these numbers sum up to me dying, so wish me luck!

I picked this rockin' ensemble as something kind of different for me. I've never worn so many buttons/ two collard shirts. I think it worked really nicely though. It just gave the whole look some depth and a different spin. Plus, I think I gave off a good first impression, except for maybe when I told the class that the sun rises over the Pacific in Panama City... I swear that it does! It's the way it's positioned! Look at a map...

This weekend however will be great! It's finally time to venture off to Philadelphia with my fraternity! So excited to go to, in my opinion, a very underrated city. I had fun the last time I was there, so hopefully it's not all business because I'd really like to play. But, if not, I'm driving up to New York City for a short second to enjoy myself, and I'm so thrilled! Even if it is a short 2 nights and a day there. It's so hard to pick what I want to do. There is so much. I feel like Carrie Bradshaw who would always have this problem. Oh New York ;)

Henley from Urban Outfitters
White button-up from Old Navy
Black button-up from Diesel 
Jeans from Levi's
Shoes Alfani Italian leather 

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