Saturday, February 25, 2012


The Pima Space and Air Museum is probably one of the neatness places around Tucson. I was able to go shooting here last Thursday with a friend because all our classes were canceled (YAY). So we got a model, our DSLRs, and sunglasses and went on a shoot. We spent most of the day taking pictures of our model, but I will make an entire post soon dedicated to just those pictures. I took these while we were on a break with my tripod. 

This look has a bunch of items that are thrifted, vintage, but some new as well. I got the Givenchy shirt in Las Vegas and the jacket in Tempe, AZ both at a Buffalo Exchange. The boots are from Goodwill, pants from Topman, and sunglasses from Aldo. This entire look was basically a steal. 

I loved shooting here because there was such a gigantic variety. I believe they have around 300 airplanes so finding a place to shoot was easy. This was especially perfect because I also had to do a project for my photo classes so overall it was mega-productivo. 

And on a last note, I have to admit that the reason I was inspired so much by this place is because I've grown up around aviation my whole life. My mother is a pilot, so growing up I've seen her been a gate agent, flight attendant, and now a pilot for several years. Being around airplanes always gives me mega-nostolgia. So it's always a treat to come here. 

Monday, February 20, 2012


I'm dangerous with a DSLR.

Ever since I got my new Canon Rebel T1i I cannot stop. Sure, I've been taking pictures daily since I can remember, but now I've been really into photography. I will begin shooting others, not just myself (#bloggerproblem), soon. I have some great material to shoot, I am very excited.

Here I am wearing layers upon layers of cotton. My cardigan was bought from Buffalo Exchange, my sweater from American Apparel, tank underneath from Urban, Pants from Urban, and shoes from Goodwill. I think this look can confirm for the rest of the world that sweaters were invented to be layered. Sweaters on sweaters, yeah!

*These pictures are in full black and white because so are the clothes. 

Everyone, have a great week!

Jo du Jour

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hoød Rat

How do you like that grandma shirt? It is officially left button certified, denim, and pink. R-i-s-k-y. One day I'm going to be wearing this shirt again at a restaurant and run into some 73 year old lady with a same or similar blouse. Seems pretty possible, especially in the fashion-meca of Tucson, lolz. This is what happens when you are as obsessed with thrift shopping as much as I am. 

But in the bigger picture, I enjoyed this outfit because I felt like I was dressing down something very eccentric for my wardbrobe. Through basic staples (gray cardigan + denim vest + black pants + black converse) the shirt became neutralized, not exploding in your face when I walk by. Plus, I was able to wear this all day and night, a versatile look. Pretty logical thinking, eh? I guess I try.

Bon weekend!
<3 Jo du Jour

Friday, February 17, 2012

Hey Wednesday

Happy February!!
Holy crap, it's February D:

Here's to my first Spring 2012 post on Jo du Jour! So I'm lacking in photos, updates, and all but I'm still swaggin' it with my clothing errday, errday! Lolllll

But in seriousness, life's good. Busy as normal, just with new things. Updates that might be important to note since last December are:

- Now a proud owner of a DSLR
- Finalizing my study abroad plans for the Fall (Going to São Paulo or Lisbon)
- Got a fashion show lined up in March
- Went to SF in January and fell in love
- Going to Berlin/ Uppsala/ Stockholm in March

Yay, plans. 

Now, as for my clothes, this look is all thrifted, very casual, and mega comfortable/ perfect for when it begins to get warmer. If all I'm wearing are these blue shorts come May then you know why. Plus, if I continue running a couple times a week my legs will get sexier :p

Happy web surfing, blog whores! 

<3 Jo du Jour