Friday, February 17, 2012

Hey Wednesday

Happy February!!
Holy crap, it's February D:

Here's to my first Spring 2012 post on Jo du Jour! So I'm lacking in photos, updates, and all but I'm still swaggin' it with my clothing errday, errday! Lolllll

But in seriousness, life's good. Busy as normal, just with new things. Updates that might be important to note since last December are:

- Now a proud owner of a DSLR
- Finalizing my study abroad plans for the Fall (Going to São Paulo or Lisbon)
- Got a fashion show lined up in March
- Went to SF in January and fell in love
- Going to Berlin/ Uppsala/ Stockholm in March

Yay, plans. 

Now, as for my clothes, this look is all thrifted, very casual, and mega comfortable/ perfect for when it begins to get warmer. If all I'm wearing are these blue shorts come May then you know why. Plus, if I continue running a couple times a week my legs will get sexier :p

Happy web surfing, blog whores! 

<3 Jo du Jour 

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