Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hoød Rat

How do you like that grandma shirt? It is officially left button certified, denim, and pink. R-i-s-k-y. One day I'm going to be wearing this shirt again at a restaurant and run into some 73 year old lady with a same or similar blouse. Seems pretty possible, especially in the fashion-meca of Tucson, lolz. This is what happens when you are as obsessed with thrift shopping as much as I am. 

But in the bigger picture, I enjoyed this outfit because I felt like I was dressing down something very eccentric for my wardbrobe. Through basic staples (gray cardigan + denim vest + black pants + black converse) the shirt became neutralized, not exploding in your face when I walk by. Plus, I was able to wear this all day and night, a versatile look. Pretty logical thinking, eh? I guess I try.

Bon weekend!
<3 Jo du Jour

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