Monday, March 28, 2011

Looks of the past - Just a Year Ago

It's so funny seeing how much one can change in just one year. I mean, yeah, I went to college which has definitely changed the way I've dressed and behaved but the transition still shocks me. These looks are so funny to go back through. I don't see myself wearing many of these, but some are still really classic and spring. I've also realized how much I've missed wearing hats. It's spring now, so hat mode will be initiated soon. What do you think!? How much have you changed in a year!?

And dare I ask, which of these looks do you just HATE!? Hahaha, the only reason I ask is because I remember taking them off lookbook since nobody would HYPE them, but perhaps the one that I still like will have room for improvement? Let's see! 

I hope that everybody has a fabulous week! 


Jo du Spring 2010

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