Sunday, January 2, 2011

Playing Dress Up With Shorts

^ This has been directly inspired by this:

Thom Browne SS 2011

Arizona provides the opportunity for Spring/Summer looks year round. We'll get those occasional cold fronts that'll be absolutely freezing, but since cold weather wear doesn't exists in this part of the world, we're still walking around like idiots in the cold. Hence, my new years look. Shorts in 26 degree Fahrenheit weather, not the smartest... But FASHION can be PAINFUL, especially if it's worth it. 

The only thing I was really missing was the gold lipstick. 

Here's the entire amazingly presented Thom Browne SS collection:

For better quality go to the designers website, this is just the cheap YouTube knock off.

I hope that your having a haute 2011!

Jo du Jour

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