Friday, January 28, 2011

Casual Friday - (Vamos Estar Tu Y Yo)

Yesterday may have been one of the worst fashion faux-pas that have occurred in a while (& I'm not talking about sweats and Uggs boots [that's a different story]). I went the whole day in just a graphic tee! At first I didn't think that was a big deal or anything - actually I thought that I looked pretty OK. It wasn't until people started noticing that I looked different yesterday and well it turns out it's that I was just so casual looking. But I'm a believer in attracting things into your life (like the Secret) and by being to my standards so disorganized looking my day ended up being just that! For one I lost my password for my email, took a 4 hour nap, and couldn't even talk right. I don't know, moral of the story is, live up to your own expectations. For me that means don't ever wear just a random graphic tee again. It will throw off my game.

So today I needed to enhance my look. Neckwear is an essential component to any gentlemen's wardrobe and unfortunately it's not something that I wear all that often. So what better way to go from one extreme to the other. However, I woke up feeling groggy like I have been all week because of a minor cold, so I dressed my tie casually. The entire essence of the look was very laid back but it still had that going-to-work type feel to it. I liked it. I plan on doing the collar + tie + sweater combo more often while I still can. Only of matter of weeks here until the temperature begins to only permit shorts and short sleeves! 

I'm so happy to be posting a look again. Ever since being in school it feels like I never have time to creepily take pictures of myself and edit them. Currently just waiting for my friend to give me some of the pics he took of me the other day when I wore my Lanvin shoes. Should be soon. 

Jo du Jour J'aime YOU!

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