Thursday, January 13, 2011

Faith in the Future

Lived such an eventful week! Here are some of the highlights: Moving back to my dorm at UofA, starting work, starting class, seeing President Obama and other political leaders speak, and seeing Wicked! I am so thankful for such opportunities that I am given, having such a great time back in school, and I already feel so many great vibes about this semester and this year. I hope that all of you do also.

The look I'm wearing was particularly special for today. The tragedies that have happened in Tucson, Arizona, where my school is located, have lead to such an outstanding bond within my country. It's sad that we became so close over this and that it's not regularly like this, however, the community now is hopeful for the future. Today the color white was meant for all the lost lives from the terrible shooting that happened at one of Tucson's supermarkets. My heart goes out to all those affected.

Now, back to my crazy week. 


Jo du Jour


  1. love the look. I have that same messenger bag :-D