Sunday, January 9, 2011

Vintage in Modern

Sweater: Christian Dior
Bag: Paul Smith
Pants: Obey
Shoes: Vintage
Shirt: BDG

Another look from last week. This one was taken in Las Vegas right before we left for the city center again. It's just such a cosmopolitan dream and you cannot miss it if you're ever in that city. Gorgeous and to die for. Already want to go back! 

As for the look, I've posted something similar but I like this better because I will be quite frank. The first time I was trying too hard! I had so many plans for this sweater and black but I took it to an obnoxious duo-toned level that should've never occurred.

PLUS: I'm in love with my new bag from Paul Smith! Definitely was feeling ambitious when I bought it and I do not regret it! It fits everything I need it too and I'm so ready for Spring fashion it's so not even funny!

With that though, I am back at school now, but I promise to keep on posting posts! Love you <3<3<3

Jo du Jour

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