Sunday, January 2, 2011


So leave it to my unusual self and my unusual family to do a shoot in my garage with the five new trees that my dad surprised us with today. I mean, these kinds of things happen to everyone right? 

The things that I'm wearing right now are some of my favorite things that I own in my whole wardrobe. The vintage shirt, if you look closely are actually little business men with suitcases and umbrellas! Plus the long cardigan I got at the clearance Dillards, and my trench coat that I bought when I was in Paris over the summer. These fabulous things really worked well together. Just an example of mixing vintage with modern yet again. 

Thank you to everyone that views my blog. Thanks to you guys, barely two weeks in and I'm close to 1,000 views! I want to keep on going strong but once I get back to school I may not be doing my post du jour. However, do not fear, since this has become my favorite hobby, I KNOW there will be a bunch of posts to come so never fear. Jo du Jour is hereeeee :) #shittypuns?

Jo du Jour <3

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