Saturday, January 22, 2011


Oh how behind I am in terms of fashion. Sure, I've seen the huge shows and have been so in love with McQueen and surprised by Gucci, but I've yet to see a single Paris shows! Oh my, looks like this weekend I will have some catching up to do.

Gucci FW2011/12

In the meantime however, I'm just getting adjusted to my new schedule where I'm either in class or at work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and basically that's what's taking over my life! But I'm having such a good time and really letting go of the things that have held me back.

Which, brings me to this amazing song that kind of inspired me to rant today... Found it on my friend's music blog Did. Me. Dirty. and it's just such a feel good/ positive song called Cards to Your Heart by Groove Armada. It's just one of those that I can listen to in whatever mood! Click on the link to listen to it :)

Today's Saturday, and it's the only of the week that I can really sit around and do nothing. So with that, I think I'm going to explore through the used book store, Bookmans, and read all my tweets from last night.

Make Jour day Joyful!!

Jo du Jour

Just. Living.

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