Thursday, July 12, 2012

Am I Awake or Dreaming

A few things I have learned this week: I can type my debit card information in under five seconds (very scary), online classes are so much better than IRL classes, and moving to New York is going to drain my wallet upon moving there. I have 156 days left until I graduate from UofA and get ready to make the biggest move yet. That's 156 days left to find jobs, internships, apartments, an overcoat, new boots!!! Gee Willikers. So that's not stressful at all. Not to mention actually graduating as well. But, thank goodness I'm 20 and capable and motivated as hell.  HELP ME!

This outfit was so weird for me. I feel like I have a generally polished style, but nothing like a walking J. Crew ad. Usually my clothes are old, tattered, from the thrift store, but I am always mixing it up. I'd like to call this my fast-fashion look. Shirt from Gap, shorts Ben Sherman, shoes are Cole Haan, sunglasses Forever 21. Have I gone nuts? No, not really. Who would resist buying a basic white button up from Gap if it was only $7. That's basically Goodwill prices, but new. THANK YOU ECONOMY. This look is the one exception I grant towards fast-fashion brands and any cynicism I have towards the distopic reality of malls.

Lastly, the title of the look came from this song that I CANNOT stop listening to by Phèdre. Check out an interview from them on my best friend for life's blog, West Coast Fix, and listen to them and love them as much as me.


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