Monday, July 9, 2012


It's time to exit through the emergency exit because these pictures are on fire! Back when I posted my look Piloto I was also busy with my very first editorial-like photo shoot. The pictures were shot at the same Pima Space and Air Museum in Tucson, and were styled between the model, my other photographer friend Joie Estrella, and myself. The gorgeous model was Zuhaila with Arizona Model Management. Big thank you to Joie for setting this up!! It was a fun, exhausting, collaborative day. 

Acquiring a nice camera has been really transformative for me as an artist. I do not miss those point-and-shoot days at all. Since, I've delved into shooting stuff like this, fine art, and events. Both of my 30 day trails of Photoshop have expired, so I was only able to do simple adjustments on iPhoto. Oh well, I'm a broke undergraduate with big dreams OK? But, how's this for popping my fashion photography cherry? I mean these looks aren't straight from the runways of Milan, but we do what we can here in good ol' Tucson. Luckily, vintage shopping is never disappointing here. Plus, I finally began shooting a subject that isn't myself. God I'm selfish ;P



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