Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Panama Canal

Just knocking off another wonder of the world from my list. These photos are from two weeks ago when I was in Panama, and this day we did the whole touristy thing. The Panama Canal was pretty cool, I've never been much of a sailor (except for Spring 2009) but I really thought that this huge water bridge was just surreal. It's so neat that a boat can just make a short cut right through a piece of the continent. I feel that this is the symbol for Panama as a country just like how France has the Eiffel Tower.

But, not unusual for me, and especially in this country, I stood out quite a bit. In the crowd of all the tourists and workers you could definitely tell the flamer of the bunch. Plus I was complaining about my hair that day about 70% of the time. Actually, so much so that our next destination was the barber shop! Haha! 

In the end, as a traveler I had a great time seeing what thrives the country of Panama, but as Jo I was dying to give those curls some locks again! Thank god the mall was 15 minutes away! :)

Jo du Jour

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