Saturday, June 18, 2011

Burberry Prorsum SS 2012

Seeing as though I'm not a math wiz, I'm glad to say that I understood this geometric collection. Immediately, the patterns that walk down the runway reminded me of math. And then, the shirt with the applied plastic-looking designs around the neck only further enhanced the volume of the geometric theme. The Santa Fe themed colors like the cranberry on the moccasin/creepers and clothing gave the collection a taste of tribal also, which when done by Burberry, is done right. But the heavy looking sweater, and some of the looks really look like they are meant to be an outfit for the fall.

Although, Burberry is known for it's warmth and weather ready clothing, I just can't grasp how the colors that we saw for the spring shows in 2011 no longer exist in the new spring's vocabulary. Fashion moves quickly, but dang! Time to put away the bright sky blue pants I own. Rewinding back to the winter looking clothing for spring, I think that these clothes were designed to be geared for versatility all year round. Pieces from the show that I want to openly ridicule are the large canvas totes that look Jack Spade-eqsue with a very large stamp on them saying "Burberry." I love the brand, but really, exploding a company's name on a piece of clothing stopped being sexy years ago... Ask Abercrombie and Fitch. I just have a pet peeve where if I'm buying something designer, finding out where it's from is only a away. 

Lastly though, I do have to say that I want to buy about 70% of this collection. My favorites are the patterned short-shorts, the showy striped trench, the trench coats with bright neon lining, the moccasin/creeper shoes and the shirts that have the triangles, squares, rectangles around the collar. 

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