Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just A Morning Walk

Anyone else getting warmer by just looking at these photos? You can sooo tell it's summer by the awful contrast within theses pics from my cheap and unfortunate lense. But, I'm so happy that it'll only get hotter from here!

This look was practically a gift from my roommate that graciously donated his Burberry shirt to me because it was just a little too large on him. The craftsmanship behind the shirt is phenomenal and even though it's actually not an exact fit for me, the tailoring alone still makes it work. Now this is how you tell the difference between designer and H&M. 

But, oh god I need to get my game together! A big, well a minor decision was made today. After realizing that I could minor in Journalism, I decided why the heck not. Thinking about all the perks just got me really excited! For instance, I won't be limiting myself from when it comes down to finally deciding on where I want to Study Aboard to just Spanish speaking countries. Plus, I find it overall more relevant towards my future because if I one day want to be in book or magazine publishing as an editor, I need to have some sort of media background. Plus, I'd so much rather be writing news stories over Spanish essays, I mean let's be real... 

So, today was a great day minus the fact that I haven't started packing for my two week trip that I'm leaving for on Friday. Whatever, I still have Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 4 a.m. in the morning! Whoooo! So excited, paradise this weekend baby! 


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