Wednesday, June 20, 2012


So here's the thing with Photobooth for mac. I think it is the most entertaining app that comes with an apple computer. We use it for all sorts of stuff. I went back through about 850 pictures and found some quick shots I took that show what I was wearing. Let me show you the kinds of situations were Photobooth came in handy:

When I was killing time before going out...

When all I could think about were bon fires and beaches...

When I was sober... 

When I needed to make sure my outfit read, "FUCK OFF"

When I was simply feeling well put together...

The spontaneity of it all is what I find really unique about these pictures and outfits as opposed to ones shot with my 'real' camera. It's not like I planned this, it's mostly all just in good fun. Not to mention somewhat justification for being a lazy blogger. 

This next one was for when children decided to terrorize my macbook and take pictures of 

~ T H E – F U T U R E ~

∆ JO ∆


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