Saturday, April 23, 2011

Casita Joselita

My current occupation and obsession.

Style is expressed not only in clothing, but in decoration as well. Interior designers all have different elements they use just like fellow bloggers and fashionistas. 

These are pictures of my new house! I'm in love with the entire shabby-chicness to it. This will be one of the largest projects that I've ever taken on but this might be one of the funnest. I already have a million fun ideas, DIY projects, and motivation to make this into the world's most charming and eclectic college house! This house's potential is immense. 

Not to mention how this is going to be the best summer of my life! Two of my really close friends are going to be staying this summer with me, one for a month, and the other for the entire time and I already feel just the everyday insane and hilarious moments that we're going to have together! I cannot wait, I cannot wait!!!! 

So, I'm always looking for ideas and inspiration for my new project. If you see something amazing, send it to me! I want to start posting DIY projects on here :)


Jo du Jour

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