Saturday, December 18, 2010


"Your love is blinding, I'm already home." Kelis, Home from Flesh Tone (duh)

It's true though. I have to say that I forgot how much love there will always be at home. Sure, many things about coming back to your old house: awkward reunions, parental supervision, and having the boring old responsibilities (i.e. dishes) may be a hassle. But these blinding/ insignificant portions of the whole picture don't equate what home truly is.

After a short freak-out earlier, I was able to remember the things and people that I love here that have gotten me through it all up to college, and that they are still here for me now. Cannot express how nice and comforting it is to be lying in my bed right now knowing that I have a month of awkward reunions, parental supervision, and having boring old responsibilities ahead of me.

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