Thursday, December 30, 2010


1. Unlike 2010 where I already had a lot of events planned (I.E. Best friend's Flower Girl Ball, My mom's wedding in Sedona, Graduation, Starting College), I'm entering 2011 on a completely blank slate. So first and foremost I'm looking forward to SPONTANEITY. This off year is open to interpretation and I can do with it what I please. It's just an exciting time: being young, still learning the tricks of being a college student, and being motivated to pursue new and developing opportunities. And of course I will be sharing each and every moment on this site :)

2. Well I do have ONE thing that's almost set in stone, however it's a semester long event. Come Fall 2011 I will be studying in BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA if all goes well! The cultural experiences and knowledge I'll be gaining will be unlike anything I've ever done before. I'm looking forward to living in the city, exploring various parts of South America, and growing tremendously on this trip. Don't cry for me when I'm gone in BA!!

3. DELTA LAMBDA PHI, the progressive, bi, and gay fraternity that I am a part of will be gaining a lot this coming semester. I'm thrilled and honored to be a brother and on the E-board to further our goals and truly display the characteristics of being a Lambda Man!

4. Towards the end of my first semester at the UofA I interviewed for a position at the school's marketing office for an assistant position. During this winter break I found out that I was hired and will begin to WORK. I'm excited to work with the fabulous people that work there that helped make this happen, in addition to working with my best friend.

5. STYLE. It's a daily task that takes initiative and commitment to take to the next level. 2011 officially will be charged with ideas I have on fashion and my display of them. Already inspired by various S/S collections (Prada, Duckie Brown, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and more), I'm excited to pursue looks that have thrilled me with their beauty.

Prada S/S 2011

6. I'm a picky movie person and it takes a lot for me to actually get me to the theaters unless there's something I cannot wait to see. WATER FOR ELEPHANTS with Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon will open in theaters come April. The book by Sara Gruen was impeccable and so original and I am hoping that the movie will be just the same and more. Plus, based on the preview Robert Pattinson doesn't look like a vampire!

7. Considering the hundreds of people that I've met, became friends with, and seen in just one semester of college, I am really going to continue to try to meet knew people. I want to NETWORK with all kinds of individuals in groups that are related to art history, fashion, and the medical field. All the things that I'm passionate about and considering doing in the future.

8. My mom is a pilot and has granted me the privilege of flight benefits. Unfortunately time is slowly about to take those away. After I turn 21 I will no longer have the asset of being able to fly from here to Paris for $25.00 so I NEED to TRAVEL a lot to completely take advantage of this amazing benefit that I have. Who wants to hit up New York, San Francisco, London, Italy, and Hong Kong with me? Did I mention I can get us hotel discounts too? ;)

9. Alright, I know that this will be on many peoples resolution lists, but this idea is on my looking forward to list and that is GYMING. My goal before graduation (in 2013/14) is to have a gorgeous body, but it's never to late/ to early to start.

10. You guys! THIS BLOG is so new and barely has any content. I want this blog to be different and I definitely will be treating this a lot more seriously and I hope that every posts will be more and more interesting. I want more readers to feel inspired and I want more criticism  from you.

Thank you all that read this. 2010 was seriously one of my favorite years ever and I hope that it was great for you too.

Tell me, what are you most looking forward to in 2011?

Jo du Jour

ps. Exclude the spell check on Anna Wintour's name. It's spelled correctly. <3


  1. So jealous about #8! Is it really that cheap?

  2. We really should be friends and hang out and stuff :3