Thursday, October 27, 2011

Summer in October

What is it about the middle of the semester that's just so 'ughhhhhhhhhhhhh' ?

Trying to bring some fun/ playfulness to my life by mixing spring with fall. Especially with these temperatures, 94º in October? It may as well still be the spring/summer season.

I picked up both the shirt and hat from Goodwill. Trying the shirt on was kind of weird because it was next to all the grandma blouses but, whatever, it's nice being able to shop the WHOLE store instead of just the mediocre mens section.

Also, I should give basically all credit to this look to the Brazilian band, Banda UÓ. The band mixes a lot of popular songs and changes the words to Portuguese. The music style is called Electrobrega. Definitely check them out. Both their music and fashion style have been really influential in my life right now and I'm so excited to go study abroad in São Paulo next Fall! Hopefully my life can just straight up look like all their music videos. That'd be great.

Here's one of Banda UÓ's videos, O Gosto Amargo do Perfume!

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